Updated: Where to watch Tokyo 2020 sitting volleyball

The sitting volleyball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games starts on Friday, August 27 and ends with women’s gold medal match on September 5.

Eight teams per gender will compete in Tokyo. The men’s tournament comprise of hosts Japan, reigning Olympic and world champions Iran, Bosnia Herzegovina, RPC, Brazil, China, Egypt and Germany. The women’s tournament includes hosts Japan, RPC, 2016 gold medallists United States, Italy, Brazil, China, Rwand and Canada.

The live broadcast for sitting volleyball will start on Day 4 of the preliminary round on August 30 until the women’s final on September 5.

30 August 10:00 Women’s Preliminaries Pool B RWA RPC
14:00 Men’s Preliminaries Pool B GER CHN
18:30 Women’s Preliminaries Pool B USA CHN
20:30 Men’s Preliminaries Pool B IRI BRA
31 August 10:00 Men’s Preliminaries Pool A EGY RPC
14:00 Men’s Preliminaries Pool B BRA GER
18:30 Men’s Preliminaries Pool B CHN IRI
20:30 Men’s Preliminaries Pool A BIH JPN
1 September 10:00 Women’s Preliminaries Pool A BRA ITA
14:00 Women’s Preliminaries Pool B CHN RWA
18:30 Women’s Preliminaries Pool B RPC USA
20:30 Women’s Preliminaries Pool A CAN JPN
2 September 13:30 Men’s 7-8 Classification
15:30 Men’s 5-6 Classification
18:30 Men’s Semifinals
20:30 Men’s Semifinals
3 September 13:30 Women’s 7-8 Classification
15:30 Women’s 5-6 Classification
18:30 Women’s Semifinals
20:30 Women’s Semifinals
4 September 14:00 Men’s Bronze Medal Match
16:30 Women’s Bronze Medal Match
19:00 Men’s Gold Medal Match
21:15 Men’s Victory Ceremony
5 September 10:00 Women’s Gold Medal Match
12:15 Women’s Victory Ceremony

Check the IPC’s official list of Paralympic Games broadcasters to find out where you can the watch matches in your country.

Subject to geo-block restrictions, the IPC will live-stream 19 sports on Paralympic.org  and the Paralympics  LIVE app via the OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services)’s Paralympic Video Player where visitors can choose between  up to 16 parallel  live streams covering streamed sports.

All live streams will be also available  on the Paralympics YouTube channel.

(As of August 23, 2021)

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