Ivana Pavic (CRO)

Ivana has been playing volleyball at the highest National level until 1991, when injured, started Referee level programs, refereeing at the highest National levels. A personal Paralympic development started in 1996 in sitting volleyball programs developing, coaching men club sitting volleyball team when jointly with NPC Croatia founded Croatian National Sitting Volleyball League. In 1998 she produced Euro Cup Men Sitting Volleyball in Osijek, therefore in 1999 awarded by Croatian Olympic Committee for in-country paravolley development improvement. Since then her Paralympic involvement was reserved for Sitting National League conducting and refereeing, participation in new club team foundation across country, internationally coaching Croatian men sitting volleyball club team successfully until 2001.


In 1999 she became a WOVD (WPV) Referee, officiating numerous official and international paravolley competitions (Euro Cups, European and world’s Championships and Paralympic Games) until 2015, when joined Women’s National sitting volleyball team, played European (in 2017) and Worlds (in 2018) Championships. In 2016 she was co-opted as PVE Secretary General and confirmed by PVE General Assembly in 2017. From 2016 till 2020 she worked on PVE development and improvement being an important link in a PVE Executive Board responsible in design of many new and innovative directions in Paravolley movement in Europe (new competitions designing, administrative and communications improvement focusing to the athletes as well participating in the first PVE EU project grant).


In 2017 finished EU grant project consultancy education, 2018 coaching program and in 2019 participated in EU Grant project Sport Diplomacy Academy. Professionally engaged as surgical pathologist in University Hospital Centre working at Pathology Department, additionally on daily basis providing education for residents and mentoring, is a member of multidisciplinary team for cancer diagnostic and treatment, and as University Scientific Associate works on study cancer design research projects as well mentoring PhD students. In 2020 funded Institute for Digestive Cancers, a non-profit organization dedicated to cancer increasing awareness among the experts in a field, patients and many stakeholders involved.

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