Sarajevo 2022 in pictures

Take a look at the images that captured the spirit of the 2022 World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball World Championships…

Here we look at some of the best snapshots of WPV Official Photographer Sinisa Kanizaj.

Tears for Ukraine at Sarajevo 2022 – “While we are here in safety, our families are hiding in bomb shelters back home in Ukraine,” said Ukraine delegation’s interpreter Kseniia Kryvenko, who received a standing ovation after delivering a very emotional and tearful speech at the General Technical Meeting.

Cyclops or Professor X? – What do you think Alexander Schiffler’s superpower is – optic blasts or telepathy? For us, he’s a wonderful sitting volleyball athlete, and to his wife Michelle he’s a great family man. Read the story about Alex and Michelle Schiffler here.

Defence is the best offence – This is true for these athletes who go to great lengths to defend and save the ball from touching the floor.

Who said sitting volleyball players can’t fly? – At Sarajevo 2022, these guys have shown that there’s more to just playing defence.

Tower of Power – Here are two of Morteza Mehrzad’s over-the-top attacks.

Symmetry, form and focus on the serve – Three things that beautifully describe these images of athletes while serving.

A celebration of women – Sarajevo 2022 was an event that celebrated women, from having the biggest ever assembly of women ITOs in all areas, to a woman coach leading her team to the podium or simply women supporting women, among the many highlights of the latest edition of the World Championships.

Ball out! – Perfectly-timed shots of the Molten V5M5000 Flistatec volleyball going out of bounds.

Nathalie is a mood – Brazil captain Nathalie Filomena De Lima Silva has been giving us expressions of fun and jubilation during the eight-day competition. Why not? She’s now a world champion! Thank you for giving us good vibes, Nathalie!

Eighth world title – Iran won its eighth world title, racking up their medal haul total to 11 (eight gold, one silver and two bronze medals).

We have more than a thousand photos at Sarajevo 2022, check all of them on WPV’s Flickr channel.

Get to know the WPV Official Photographer

Sinisa Kanizaj ( is a sports and event photographer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Sinisa was born on 3rd of July 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia, but moved to Ljubljana in searching for better opportunities. His parents never had much, but they gave him his first camera, a point-n-shoot Olympus FE 130 with which he fell in love with photography. After collecting experience, he managed to get his first job as an event photographer. Through the years collecting experience, he got contacted by Red Bull Adria in 2012 to do the first shooting for them as a second photographer. Sinisa was working with them till 2015 until he moved to Slovenia, where he started his journey with Red Bull Slovenia. His passion about the creative expression is not ending with photography, he is also very passionate about shooting and editing of video content. He finds inspiration for video in his two sons Theo and Terence, for which, he is making short stories about their journey through life. Videos produced can be viewed on his Youtube channel, and photography portfolio on his Instagram profile together with his webpage.