***If you need immediate assistance, please contact your local authorities.***



to report non-emergency cases.

*additional reporting resources will be added here as they become available, including anonymous methods.

World ParaVolley prioritizes the safeguarding of all athletes, coaches, technical officials and volunteers involved in participating in its activities.  The WPV Board established the Safeguarding Integrity Commission to oversee the implementation of an organisation-wide safeguarding policy and program system.  At WPV international tournaments a Safeguarding Officer is identified to facilitate reporting, and help provide additional support and guidance.

Safeguarding Resources
  • Safeguarding Integrity Commission (as of Feb 2023)

    Team Leader:  Mikiko Yasuda (JPN)

    Nicole Ban (CAN)
    Mikael Bartholdy (CAN)
    Sari Anneli Mannersuo (FIN)
    Anna Tomas (PHI)
    Sven Ritter (GER)

    WPV Board Advisors:
    Louise Ashcroft (CAN)
    Lori Okimura (USA)
    Anton Raimondo (RSA)

    Commission email:  safeguarding@worldparavolley.org

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  • Safeguarding Regulations and Forms

    Code of Conduct and Ethics

    Non-Accidental Violence and Abuse in ParaVolley Sport

    Non-accidental harms are defined as any unwelcome sexual harassment and/or abuse, financial abuse, bullying and emotional abuse, hazing, neglect, physical abuse and child exploitation.  Non-accidental harms undermine both the mental and physical health of the athlete and the integrity of sport.

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  • Facts and Figures



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  • Educational Resources

    Below are some recommended courses and educational webinars to assist with educating our community about athlete-centered safeguarding.

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  • Reporting or Consulting Agencies (In case of emergency, contact local authorities)

    *The following are independent agencies that govern reporting cases in specific areas of jurisdiction, or geographic area.  To contribute feedback or add any official agencies to this list, please email safeguarding@worldparavolley.org

    Reporting or Consulting Agencies
  • Australia
  • Canada
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  • Egypt
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  • England
  • Ghana
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  • Germany
  • India
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  • Ireland
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  • Kenya
  • Morocco
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  • New Zealand
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  • Scotland
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  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
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  • United States
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  • Affiliated or Recognized Organizations
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