Are you interested in sitting volleyball or standing beach volleyball? Are you a researcher? Are you willing to join to a research group? If your answer is ‘yes’ for these questions, you are in a proper place to move forward in conducting research about paravolleyball! Contact World ParaVolley Scientific Research Commission members to get more information about future steps.


The Scientific Research Commission of World ParaVolley now has a commission of enthusiastic sport builders and/or researchers with a passion for ParaVolley sport. The commission members and their affiliations can be found here.


Do you want to be a member of the Scientific Research Commission? Are you willing to conduct research? Let us know and write to

We are currently scoping research possibilities for interested Universities, doctors and students in an effort to better understand the demands and effects of sport on Volleyball athletes with a disability. Some research has been done, some is in progress, but there are still many questions to study in our sport.

World ParaVolley has developed a research strategy document with research priorities that can be found here.

Looking for research topics?  See some examples of research Questions of interest for World ParaVolley here.

If you are a scientist or researcher and would like to share you article/work here with the ParaVolley Community, please contact the chair of the Scientific Research Commission of World ParaVolley at


To help keep the global ParaVolley community informed, World ParaVolley will add new links to this Research Library as they become available. If you find that only the abstract of a document is available please contact the author/publisher to request the full article. All research links are provided for the interest of ParaVolley enthusiasts.


World ParaVolley Scientific Research Commission Ethics Policy

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