Paris 2024 reveals official pictograms

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has revealed the designs of the official pictograms and the visual concept of the Paralympic and Olympic Games on Wednesday, 8 February.

The 23 Paralympic disciplines are represented by 15 Paralympic-only pictograms and eight pictograms that are shared with Olympic disciplines.

An illustration of style

Each Paris 2024 pictograms is made up of three graphical elements: an axis of symmetry, a depiction of the ground and a representation of the sport that it illustrates.

The pictograms designed for Paralympic sports also pay tribute to the equipment used by athletes, including wheelchairs used in sports such as wheelchair fencing and wheelchair rugby, and the tappers used for vision impaired athletes in Para swimming.

A universal language and a badge of honour

Pictograms are symbols representing each Paralympic and Olympic discipline. They enable people to immediately identify a sport, whether they appear on a ticket, on television or near a stadium, and they are especially useful for directing spectators to competition venues.

Over the years, pictograms have become a key element of the look of the Games and a unique form of expression for the host countries, embodying their style and culture, as well as the spirit of the Games that they are hosting.

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024 said: “During the Games, pictograms allow people from more than 200 nationalities to find their way into the heart of a country whose language or codes are usually unknown for them.

“At Paris 2024, the 62 pictograms of the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines will no longer be pictograms, but real badges of honour. With these badges of honour, we will celebrate the very special bonds that unite enthusiasts and sports’ community members.”

Source: International Paralympic Committee