Nominations open for 2024 World ParaVolley Awards

Nominations for World ParaVolley Awards

Since 2019 the work of the Awards Committee has resulted in over 350 awards, including Recognition, Outstanding Achievement, Distinguished Service and Honorary Life Membership Awards, which were distributed by the Board of Directors annually on 24th April, International World ParaVolley Day.

The Committee’s target for International World ParaVolley Day 2024 is to enable the Board to recognise those individuals who meet the criteria, as stated in the attached WPV Awards Scheme Document, who have not yet received an Award, or are deserving of an award higher than that previously received. Beach Awards will also be considered when and where appropriate.

Previous recipients of awards, including posthumous awards, are all recognised on the World ParaVolley website. It is important to note that if they have contributed in more than one category their profiles may be published more than once but only one summarising certificate is awarded.

International Member Federations past and present are expected to play a major role in the nomination process. Nominations are also invited from any member of the WPV Board, Department Directors, Zones, Commissions and Committees. Nominations will also be considered from other individuals e.g., coaches.

Particularly in the case of Federations, but also other bodies, it is important to recognise the awards are World ParaVolley’s International Federation Awards, not National Federation awards. All who meet the criteria should be nominated. It is the role of the WPV Awards Committee, and not the National Federations or other bodies, to decide which nominations to submit to the WPV Board for approval. Every individual who meets the criteria at international level has the right to be considered for an award.

It is understood that currently appointed officials may not have detailed knowledge of the individuals who have been involved over many years, so we urge you to seek out those who are best placed to identify individuals, to obtain profiles and to ensure all of both PARTS A and B of the nomination form are accurate and completed as required.

These nominations may come from any area of World ParaVolley service at International Level, including, but not limited to – Playing, Coaching, Refereeing, Classification, Anti-Doping, Medical, Technical, Administration, Governance, Media, Sponsor, Research or Event Organisation.

Note – In the submission of a posthumous nomination every effort should be made to obtain as much history as possible, if there is limited information the completion of the nomination process remains at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

For all individuals nominated a profile, photo and at least one supporting statement need to be submitted. Please ensure the attached Guidelines are followed. The guidelines may be freely distributed to enable individuals to complete their profiles and provide a photo which meets the requirements. As individuals have the best knowledge of their activities they are strongly encouraged to send their profiles directly to their potential nominator(s).

The Awards Committee would appreciate receiving profiles, with photos, at your earliest possible convenience.

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2024 Awards Nomination Form (Word)

2024 Life Membership Nomination Form (Word)

WPV Awards System Description (PDF)