No rule changes until after Rio

Although FIVB have made changes to their rules, after which World ParaVolley
normally modify the International Federation rules as relevant to our ParaVolley
Disciplines, there will be no changes to the 2013 -2016 Sitting Volleyball Rules
applied until after the Rio Paralympics. There are three main reasons for not
making an earlier decision:-
a) the qualification process for Rio 2016 began with the Asian Para Games, before the
FIVB announcement, and all qualifying events in the four year cycle must be staged
under the same rules,
b) the new FIVB net Rule may not prove beneficial to Sitting Volleyball and the
continuity of play allowed by the current rule, which proved a major step forward
when it was introduced,
c) other FIVB rule changes, e.g. to bench personnel may not be practical or desirable.
It is the intention to obtain feedback from athletes, coaches, referees and other
stakeholders before any final decisions are made to change the 2013-2016 Sitting
Volleyball rules after the Rio Paralympics, in relation to the new FIVB changes.
Current Rules are on the website:-
With regard to Standing Volleyball and Standing Beach Volleyball, the above
Paralympic issues are not relevant. Consequently, the World ParaVolley Referee
Commission is currently considering which of the new FIVB rules should be adopted by
World ParaVolley for these disciplines.
Issued by agreement of:
WPV Board of Directors Technical Sub-Committee
WPV Sport Department
WPV Referee Commission
March 30th, 2015