New home for updated VolleySLIDE material

The full collection of VolleySLIDE resources have been fully refreshed, and are now available on the World ParaVolley (WPV) website.

VolleySLIDE is an education programme developed to help those who are looking to get started with sitting volleyball, as well as those who have experience and would like to expand their knowledge.

Originally launched in 2013, VolleySLIDE has evolved into a wide range of coaching resources, a workshop template, blogs, a wide range of promotional materials and much more. All available to download and use for free.  VolleySLIDE is centred on the inclusive and accessible nature of Sitting Volleyball and has a wide range of translations available, including French, Spanish and Portuguese.

“VolleySLIDE has already helped countless people start and expand sitting volleyball in developing nations and I am really pleased to see the launch of this new and improved material, meaning that many more coaches and nations will benefit,” said Anton Raimondo, WPV Development Director.

In developing the new VolleySLIDE material, Raimondo worked with Matt Rogers, who originally created VolleySLIDE, and team leaders Nicole Ban and Helena Skogström of the WPV Coaches Commission and Development Commission, respectively.

“Getting started with something new is always the hardest part. VolleySLIDE aims to lower and remove some of the main barriers and offer all that is needed to initiate new sitting volleyball activity around the world,” said Matt Rogers, VolleySLIDE Coordinator.

World ParaVolley will also be expanding VolleySLIDE by adding a new e-learning course for those getting started locally with the sport, which will be launched later this year.