Introducing your Board of Directors

Held on 4 December, the 2022 virtual General Assembly delegates determined the composition of the Board of Directors by democratic vote.

The positions decided by the delegates were:
Vice President – Lori Okimura who brings a wealth of experience in sport management and strategic planning and a multitude of contacts to World ParaVolley
Sport Director – Stephen Giugni OAM who has an amazing dual background in both sitting volleyball and beach paravolley and has been an international referee and member of the Sport Department
Marketing Director – Christine Shelby, a former elite volleyball athlete who has a Masters degree in business administration and extensive experience in the sporting goods industry, marketing and brand management
Development Director – Anton Raimondo, a Paralympic athlete who has a vision for, and detailed knowledge of, human resource capacity building in the area of development

The Athletes’ Commission recently elected their two Board Members – both current athletes:
• Nicky Nieves as Team Leader of the Athletes’ Commission
• Ivan Cosic as Deputy Team Leader of the Athletes’ Commission

Meanwhile, the other ongoing positions are:
• Barry Couzner OAM as President
• Louise Ashcroft as Medical Director
• Ehab Hassanein as President of ParaVolley Africa
• Lu Cailiang as President of Asia Oceania
• Branko Mihorko as President of ParaVolley Europe
• Joe Campbell as President of ParaVolley Pan America
• Phil Allen as General Manager
• Benno Meijer as Treasurer

President Barry Couzner OAM said: “The delegates have chosen wisely at these elections by supporting people who have the necessary skills and experience to deliver the outcomes in their respective areas – without concern for their country or Zone of origin. I am certain that we have the best people in the right positions to move World ParaVolley forwards with a focus on the athletes – it is an exciting time ahead with our determination to register World ParaVolley in the USA and work closely with the WPV Foundation to generate new revenue streams that will support our future projects and development activities in all Zones. I wish to thank the various unsuccessful candidates for offering to volunteer for World ParaVolley. I also wish to sincerely thank the outgoing Board members for their contribution and support in the past: Jim Leask (Marketing Manager) and Wayne Hellquist (Vice President) and to welcome Lori Okimura, Stephen Giugni OAM, Christine Shelby and Anton Raimondo to the new-look team.”

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