ZHANG Jun Ming (GBR) – PVE – International Classifier (2007-present); Chair/Team Leader and developer of the Anti-Doping Commission of World ParaVolley; Led and met deadlines for the WADA Compliance Review in 2018; Appointed to events in multiple medical capacities.



Jamie started with WOVD/World ParaVolley in the United Kingdom in 2007. Those who influenced his development in the sport include Pavel Mustafin, his original mentor in classification, and Louise Ashcroft, who motivated him to keep progressing in the field of anti-doping. Her enthusiasm and interest fuelled his enthusiasm and interest.

Event involvement:

2007 Phnom Penh, Cambodia – World Standing Volleyball Championships – Classifier
2008 Beijing, China, Paralympic Games – VIP Guest
2009 Elblag, Poland – European Championships – Classifier
2010 Oklahoma, USA – Sitting Volleyball World Championships – Classifier
2011 Kent, United Kingdom – European Continental Cup – Classifier
2012 London, Great Britain – Paralympic Games – Classifier
2013 Elblag, Poland – European Championships – Classifier
2017 Porec, Croatia – European Championships – Classifier
2019 Tokyo, Japan – Women’s World Super 6 – Classifier

Playing from 2007 to 2011
Coaching from 2007 to 2011
Medical from 2007 to 2011
Classification from 2007 to Present
Research from 2008 to 2011
Sponsorship from 2007 to 2011

Awards received:

2021 Standing Volleyball Recognition Award

Official posts held:

World ParaVolley International Classifier
Team Leader (Chair) of World ParaVolley Anti-Doping Committee
London Lynx Sitting Volleyball Club Head Coach
Great Britain Sitting Volleyball Assistance Coach
Great Britain Sitting Volleyball Team Doctor
Volleyball England Classification Consultant

“His role in completing the WADA Compliance Review in 2018 resulted in World ParaVolley meeting all requirements for Compliance on time. He has led the commission ensuring that World ParaVolley is testing athletes to protect clean sport, and ensuring that we play our part in the Anti-Doping Education of our international athletes. Despite having a busy medical practice, he has found the time to quietly work behind the scenes, supporting our Federation and our athletes, and always with a smile and good humour. By 2020 he built the human resource numbers within the Anti-Doping Commission to establish a full commission of active members. World ParaVolley has indeed been fortunate to have Jamie.”

– Louise Ashcroft – World ParaVolley Medical Director

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