STEWART Glenn (AUS) – PVAO – PVAO Sport Director; International Technical Official; Introduced sitting volleyball to Australia; in the fields of governance, coaching development, event and clinic initiation and management, updating of WPV documentation, Technical Official course coordination.



Glenn attended the World Championships in I. R. Iran in 1998 as Assistant Coach of the Australian Sitting Volleyball Team and was elected as AOZVD Treasurer at the General Assembly. He became more heavily involved in World ParaVolley in 2016 because Australia did not have a current ParaVolley program and Mr Weiping Tu OAM suggested his knowledge and skills would be useful to their Zone. As they are both very passionate about ParaVolley, he accepted the challenge.

“Mr Weiping Tu OAM has had an enormous influence on me and my development in the sport, initially as a coach and mentor, and later as an inspiration to convince me to become more active internationally as an official and administrator. I continue to seek and value his opinions, advice and guidance to this day.”

Event involvement:

1996 – Introduced Sitting Volleyball to Australia, coaching and teaching players the new sport to Australia.
1997 – Convinced Mr Weiping Tu OAM to become the National Coach to help prepare an Australian National team with the aim of entering the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.
1998 to 2010 – Australian National Assistant Coach and Manager at the following international events:
1998 – Tehran, I. R. Iran – World Championships – 7th place
1999 – Shanghai, China – China friendly games and mutual coaching development
1999 – Sydney, Australia – AOZVD Zone Championships (sanctioned under the WOVD) named the Southern Cross Multi Disability Championships
2000 – Hamburg, Germany – Werner Von Siemens Cup
2000 – Netherlands – Tour playing Club teams
2000 – Sydney, Australia – Paralympic Games
2002 – Beijing, China – Friendly games
2002 – Busan, South Korea – 8th FESPIC Games
2006 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 9th FESPIC Games
2000 to 2008 – Sydney, Australia- Invited and coordinated (with Weiping Tu OAM) a number of reciprocal visits between the Chinese team and Australia, where coaching methods were shared with the aim to develop and improve players and coaches of both teams.
2019 – Port Villa and Santo, Vanuatu – Developed and co-presented a 2-day Introduction to ParaVolley Workshop (heavily focussed on coaching) with Mr Weiping Tu OAM
2021 – Developing Level 1 World ParaVolley Coaches Course online


1999 – Sydney, Australia – AOZVD Zone Championships (named the Southern Cross Multi-Disability Championships) – Competition Manager for Sitting and Standing ParaVolley – arranged for international classification and refereeing clinics to be conducted, two of those candidates currently hold WPV positions.
2000 to 2011 – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Australia – Initiated and coordinated many National competitions including the National Championships, later named the Stewart Shield, held in Sydney and Melbourne and the State of Origin Competition between NSW and Queensland.
2012 – Australia – Compiled a book containing the history and personal reflections from players of Sitting Volleyball in Australia from 1996 to 2011.
2017 – Anji, China – Asia Oceania Zone Championships – Elected PVAO Sport Director
2017 to current – As PVAO Sport Director I have: Initiated and developed the Zone Constitution, Governance Guidelines, Job Descriptions, Organisational Chart and Sub-Zone Committee Role Statement to provide common understanding and improve operations. Assisted the President by preparing and chairing meetings, including the General Assemblies. Assisted the General Secretary by preparing communications to be sent to nations.
2018 – China – conducted a two-day seminar for all PVAO Member nations at the request of the President.
2019 – Initiated and coordinated a review and update of an existing DRAFT Sitting Volleyball Event Management Handbook for LOCs and ITOs and included quite a number of related Support Documents to assist LOCS and ITOs in successful and coordinated planning and conduct of Sitting Volleyball events.
2021 – Initiated and coordinated updates of many WPV documents.

International Official:

2016 – Anji, China – Intercontinental – Jury Member
2017 – Tangqi, China – World Super 6 for Women – Jury Member
2017 – Tangqi, China – Asia Oceania Zone Championships – Jury Member
2018 – Sydney, Australia – INVICTUS Games – Court and Equipment Manager
2018 – Jeju, KOREA – WPV World Championship Qualifier Men and Women – Technical Delegate. (Assisted the coordination of Level 1 Coaching and Level 1 Classification Courses prior to the event).
2018 – 5 different cities, The Netherlands – WPV World Championships for Men (16 teams) and Women (16 teams) – Technical Delegate
2019 – Bangkok, Thailand – PVAO Zone Championships – Technical Delegate (Assisted the coordination of Level 1 Coaches, Level 2 Referees and Level 1 Classification Courses prior to the event)
2021 – Authored a Level 1 World ParaVolley Technical Official e-learning Theory Course and working on Level 2 Course.
2021 – Collaborated with World ParaVolley to use a ParaVolley Asia Oceania IPC grant for the development of World ParaVolley e-learning Level 1 and 2 Classification and Level 2 Coaching Courses to overcome the problems of delivering courses during the Covid19 restrictions.
2021 – Jointly, with Denis Le Breuilly, initiated and developed an e-learning Level 1 Technical Official Course – almost 60 participants have registered for the initial launch.

Coaching (1996 to 2010)
Technical Official (TD, Jury): 2016 to present
Administration (Governance): 1996 to present
Event Organisation: 1999 to present

Awards received:

2004 – Sydney, Australia – Level 1 Coaching Accreditation for Coaching Athletes with Disabilities through the Australian National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).
2016 – Level 3 Technical Official Accreditation with World ParaVolley.
2020 – Accredited as World ParaVolley Technical Official Senior Staff Tutor.
2001 – Australia – Awarded the Sports Medal of Australia by the Australian Government for services to volleyball.
2000 Awarded the Best Support given to administration of Sports for Disabled from NSW Sports Council for the Disabled in 2000

Official posts held:

1998 – Tehran, I R Iran – World Championships – Elected Treasurer of Asia Oceania Zone Volleyball for the Disabled (AOZVD) now called PVAO.
2000 – Sydney, Australia – Established Sitting Volleyball Australia Incorporated and elected President, from 2000 to 2005 and Vice President from 2006 to 2011.
2017 – Tangqi, China – PVAO General Assembly – Elected PVAO Sport Director
2021 – Appointed temporarily as World ParaVolley Assistant Sport Director (Sport Commissions) due to long term leave of absence of the World ParaVolley Sport Director.
2021 – Virtual PVAO General Assembly – elected PVAO Sport Director.

“Glenn’s strategic outlook has had a huge effect on improving PVAO’s operation. His work with the Technical, Classification and Coaches Commissions to establish e-learning courses has been extremely well received and provides benefit to World ParaVolley into the future. His work with the World ParaVolley Technical Commission has led to many improvements and updates to help maintain current policy and practice. His expertise and value were recognised by World ParaVolley when he was appointed as interim Assistant Sport Director while the Sport Director was on extended leave. Glenn has always made himself available for any task, position or role. He is well respected by all nations and his leadership is very much appreciated.”

– Weiping TU OAM – PVAO Development Director

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