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Day 13 – September 5

Monique Matthews (USA) – Team LGBTQ’s Monique Matthews helps lead U.S. sitting volleyball to Paralympics gold (

USA women’s team –  Team USA Women Sweep All 3 Volleyball Golds Across Paralympics and Olympics for the First Time Ever (

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USA women’s team – U.S. women successfully defend sitting volleyball Paralympic gold over rival China (

Emma Schieck (USA) – Schieck, U.S. women strike gold in sitting volleyball at Tokyo (

Day 12 – September 4

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – World’s second-tallest man helps Iran to gold in Paralympics sitting volleyball (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – World’s second-tallest man inspires Iran to gold in Paralympics sitting volleyball (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Morte Zamayad, the second tallest man in the world, helps Iran win the Paralympic sitting volleyball gold medal (

Iran men’s team – Reigning champions Iran continue their dominance in sitting volleyball (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – World’s second-tallest man takes sitting volleyball to whole new level (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Morteza Mehrzadselakjani, the tallest Paralympian in history, helps Iran win sitting volleyball gold at the Tokyo Paralympics (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Morteza Mehrzad – the world’s second-tallest man – helps guide Iran to Paralympic gold in sitting volleyball as the Games’ tallest competitor EVER at 8ft 1in inspires his nation to a 3-1 win over Russian Paralympic Committee (

Iran men’s team – Iran down RPC to win men’s sitting volleyball gold for seventh time at Paralympic Games (

Iran men’s team – Iran sitting volleyball wins Paralympics gold (

Iran men’s team – Iran sitting volleyball win Paralympics seventh gold (

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Day 11 – September 3

USA women’s team – Semifinal sweeps set up another Team USA-China showdown for women’s sitting volleyball gold (

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Day 10 – September 2

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Day 9 – September 1

Canada women’s team – Canadian women’s sitting volleyball team has chance at a medal in Tokyo (

USA women’s team – U.S. women’s sitting volleyball team holds off RPC to move on to Friday’s semifinals (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Iran’s 8-foot sitting volleyball star Morteza Mehrzad leads team to Paralympic semifinals (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – World’s second-tallest man chasing gold for Iran at the Paralympics (

Day 8 – August 31

Canada women’s team – A date with the host nation ahead for women’s sitting volleyball team (

Felicia Voss-Shafiq (CAN) – Sitting volleyball ‘saved’ Burnaby Paralympian after double amputation 10 years ago (

Bosnia and Herzegovina men’s team – The National Team of BiH in sitting Volleyball advanced to the Semifinals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo (

Iran men’s team – Iran sitting volleyball finds way to Paralympics semis (

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – The world’s second-tallest man helps guide Iran into Paralympics sitting volleyball semi-finals – as the Games’ tallest competitor EVER at 8ft 1in – with eyes on a gold medal in Tokyo (

Iran men’s team – Iran’s Sitting Volleyball Beats China to Qualify for Paralympics Semis (

Monique Matthews (USA) – Monique Matthews scores match-high 11 points in Team USA’s loss in pool play (

Day 7 – August 30

Iran men’s team – Iran sitting volleyball wins Brazil in Tokyo Paralympics (

Jillian Williams (USA) – Local athlete Jillian Williams is focused on gold in Tokyo Paralympics (

Iran men’s team – Sitting volleyball defeat Brazil in Paralympics 2020 (

Danielle Ellis – Langley’s Ellis gets 11 points as Canada downs Italy in Paralympics seated volleyball play (

Day 6 – August 29

Sitting volleyball – Different sports, same drive as Brazilian mother-daughter duo aim to compete at more Games together (

Day 5 – August 28

Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Sitting volleyball star is 2.46m tall and is the third tallest person in the world (

USA women’s team – US women’s sitting volleyball team wants sport to be a household name, defend gold (

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Day 4 – August 27

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Day 3 – August 26

Italy women’s team – Domani storico esordio delle azzurre alle Paralimpiadi (

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Day 2 – August 25

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Day 1 – August 24

Liliane Mukobwankawe (RWA) – Mukobwankawe Leads Parade At Paralympics Opening Ceremony (

Nichole Millage (USA) – Sendoff for Paralympian headed to Tokyo (

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Brazilian teams – Seleções Brasileiras de vôlei sentado realizam primeiros treinos em solo japonês (

Kaleo Maclay (USA) – Woman with Hawaii ties leads Team USA’s sitting volleyball squad to Paralympic Games (

Jillian Williams (USA) – Local athlete Jillian Williams is headed to Tokyo Paralympics (

Brazilian teams – Seleções do vôlei sentado realizam últimos ajustes no CT Paralímpico antes de embarcarem para Tóquio (

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Rwanda women’s team – Rwanda drawn in Pool B for Paralympic Games (

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Morteza Mehrzad (IRI) – Sitting Volleyball Changed My Life, Morteza Mehrzad Says (

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