KOTNIK HREN Saša (SLO) – PVE – International Player 1999-2017; World and Zonal medallist; Role model and inspiration to others; work in the fields of event management and promotion



Saša was a volleyball player who, after an accident in which she lost her leg, continued playing, first in the sitting volleyball club team ISD Samorastnik Ravne and then in the Slovenian national team. Her only wish after the amputation had been to continue playing volleyball. Doctor Demšar’s words always echoed in her mind:

“Saša, despite the amputation, you will be able to do everything in your life.”

By continuing to play volleyball she was an inspiration to and role model for others. She started playing sitting volleyball in 1999 and ended her career in 2017.

Event involvement:

1999 Sarajevo – European Championships – Gold Medal
2000 Maastricht – World Championships – Bronze Medal
2001 Sarospatak – European Championships – Silver Medal
2002 Kamnik – World Championships – Silver Medal
2003 Izola, Slovenia – WOVD Youth Volleyball Festival – 4th Placed – Best Player
2003 Lappeenranta – European Championships – Silver Medal
2004 Athens – Paralympic Games – 4th place
2005 Leverkusen – European Championships – Bronze Medal – Best Setter Award & All Star Team
2006 Roermond – World Championships – Bronze Medal
2007 Nyiregyhaza – European Championships – Bronze Medal
2008 Beijing – Paralympic Games – 4th place
2008 Ismailia – Intercontinental Cup – Silver Medal
2011 Rotterdam – European Championships – 4th place
2011 Ekaterinburg – Euro Cup
2012 London – Paralympic Games – 6th place
2013 Elblag – European Championship – Bronze Medal
2017 Poreč – European Championships – 5th place

SAŠA was involved in the fields of event organisation, in 2005 participating in the organization of 1st Youth World Championships in Kamnik, and in the development and promotion of the sport at national, Zonal and world levels. She participated in the Beijing Paralympic Games sitting volleyball promotional video.