ROSENTHAL Radu (ISR) – PVE – ISOD & WOVD Referee Commission Chair 1986-200; Developer of International Referee Resources as Course Director, Referee Instructor and mentor; Referee Delegate at Paralympic games and World Championships; and work in the field of event organisation.



From 1985 Radu had been a referee. In 1986 he was the organiser of the Standing World Championships in Israel. The International Federation President Pieter Joon was very impressed with the organisation and offered him the post of Chairman of the Referee Commission.

Event involvement:

1986 Nominated as Chairman of the Israeli Volleyball Department (Sitting & Standing)
1988 Korea – Paralympic Games – Technical Delegate
1988 – 2000 Active Referee and Chairman of the International Referee Commission. Course Director and Instructure. Responsible for the nomination of referees for events.
1996 – 2000 Worked in the field of research

Awards received:

2020 World ParaVolley Recognition Award for Sitting Volleyball
2021 World ParaVolley Recognition Award for Standing Volleyball

Official posts held:

1975 – 2000 Chairman of Israeli Referee Committee
1984 – 2000 Chairman of Israeli Referee Committee for Disabled
1986 – 2000 Chairman of ISOD and then WOVD International Referee Commission

“Radu excellently organised the standing volleyball World Championships in Israel and continued supporting standing volleyball activity in the nation. He devoted himself to ParaVolley refereeing worldwide, organising refereeing within ISOD and then WOVD. He started with thirteen referees and increased the number to seventy-two in a short time. The work of the referees under his leadership developed to a high level and was generally appreciated by players, coaches, officials and other stakeholders.”

– Ron Bolotin – Sport Director, Israel Disable Sport Association.

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