OZMEC Peter (SLO) – PVE – International Player (1981-2008): International Coach (SLO – Men & Women) and Team Manager (1990-2012); Event organiser at national, zonal and international levels and work in the fields of promotion, development, administration and governance.



Beside being an athlete, Peter has coached the men’s national sitting volleyball team, acted as team manager and assistant coach of the women’s national sitting volleyball team and organised several big sitting volleyball events, starting in 1982 with national team competition of Yugoslavian Republics and on the European level with organising Eurocup 1992.

Most influential people in his involvement with sitting volleyball:

Rajko Vute, the sport education teacher in the Centre for Disabled Youth in Kamnik, who introduced sitting volleyball to the students

Davorin Kragelnik and Vlado Homan, Yugoslavian national team players for which he was trying to provide excellent conditions for training and competing

Adi Urnaut, elite-level player and coach, who became a coach of ISD Samorastnik first and later the national team

Anita Goltnik Urnaut, who was playing sitting volleyball in a mixed team and was eager to establish national and club level women’s teams

Together with those people he worked on the promotion of sitting volleyball and event organisation on the national, zonal and world level.

Event involvement:

1981 Zagreb, Croatia – International Tournament – player
1982 National league, Slovenia player, National Championships of Yugoslavia, event-organizer
1984 – 1991 National championships, player, international competition, event-organizer
1992 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia -European Club Championships – player – 5th place
1993 Järvenpää, Finland, European Championship – player – 6th place
1993 Rosendaal, The Netherlands – EuroCup – player – 6th place
1994 Bottrop, Germany – World Championships (men) – player – 7th place
1994 Lappenranta, Finland – EuroCup – player – 6th place
1995 Ljubljana, Slovenia – European Championships – Coach (men) – 7th place – (women) – Bronze Medal
1995 Roermond, The Netherlands – EuroCup – Coach ISD Samorastnik – 6th place
1996 Kristiansand, Norway – EuroCup – Coach ISD Samorastnik – 7th plac
1997 Tallinn, Estonia – EuroCup – Coach (women) – Silver Medal
1997 Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary – EuroCup – Coach ISD Samorastnik – 9th place
1998 Osijek, Croatia – EuroCup – Coach ISD Samorastnik – 7th place
1999 Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina – European Championships – Coach (women) Gold Medal
1999 Enschede, The Netherlands – EuroCup – Coach ISD Samorastnik – 9th place
2000 Maastricht, The Netherlands – World Championships – Coach (women) – Bronze Medal
2001 Sarospatak, Hungary – European Championships – Coach (women) – Silver Medal
2002 Kamnik, Slovenia – World Championships – Coach (women) – Silver Medal
2002 Riga, Latvia – EuroCup – Coach (women) – Bronze Medal
2003 Lappeenranta, Finland – European Championships – Coach (women) – Silver Medal
2004 Athens, Greece -Paralympic Games – Coach (women) – 4th place
2005 Leverkusen, Germany -European Championships – Coach (women) Bronze Medal
2005 Kamnik, Slovenia – World Youth Championships – Coach (men) – 6th place
2006 Roermond, The Netherlands – World Championships – Coach (women)– Bronze Medal
2007 Nyiregyhaza, Hungary – European Championships – Coach (women)– Bronze Medal
2008 Beijing, China – Paralympic Games – Coach (women) – 4th place
2009 Nyiregyhaza, Hungary – European Championships – Coach (women) – Bronze Medal
2010 Oklahoma, USA – World Championships – Coach (women) – 5th place
2010 Port Said, Egypt – Intercontinental Cup – Coach (women) – Bronze Medal
2011 Rotterdam, The Netherlands -European Championships – Coach (women) – 4th place,
2012 London, Great Britain – Paralympic Games – Assistant Coach (women) – 6th place
2013-> National Championships, International Competitions, Event Organizer

Peter Ozmec has made an outstanding contribution to sitting volleyball as a player (1981-2008), coach (1990-2012), team manager, event-organiser and promoter (1982 to present), and in the fields of administration and government, development of sitting volleyball for women and the promotion of volleyball for disabled in Eastern Europe, Europe and worldwide.

Awards received:

2021 The highest Slovenian National sport award: Bloudek award for life-time work in sport
2020 Recognition Award by the World Para Volleyball Organisation for his outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of sitting volleyball in the Balkans, Europe and the World as a coach, player and organiser of international competitions
2012 Award of the Slovenian Association for Disabled Sports for many years of successful coaching work
2006 Recognition of the World Organisation of Volleyball for Disabled Persons for successful development and organisational work

2002 WOVD Recognition of contribution to development of sitting volleyball
1999 Bronze Badge of the Slovenian Association of Disabled Workers
1995-2009 Silver and bronze awards from the Slovenian Association of Disabled Sports for coaching achievements
1993 National sport award: Bloudek plaque for organisational work in disability sport
1992 The golden plaque of the Sports Federation Ravne na Koroškem for the activity and development of sport in the municipality of Ravne na Koroškem
1989 The silver plaque of the Association of Physical Culture Organisations of the Municipality of Ravne na Koroškem for services to the development of physical culture in the municipality of Ravne na Koroškem
1986 The Order of Merit for the Nation with the Silver Star of the SFR Yugoslavia
1986 The gold plaque of the Association for Recreation and Sport of Disabled Persons of Yugoslavia

Official posts held:

President of Slovenian Federation for sport of disabled
President of the Federation of Disabled Sports of Slovenia (National Paralympic Committee) (1990-1995)
Chair of competition commission (1988-1999)
President of commission for Workers’ Self-Government (1984-1988)
Disabled sport club Samorastnik, Ravne na Koroškem: President (1979-2012), Honorary President 2013->
Member of Commission for EuroLeague

“Peter Ozmec has made a significant contribution to the development and success of sport for the disabled over the past 60 years, especially for sitting volleyball in Carinthia, Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavian countries, Europe and in the world.

“He established the sport club ISD Samorastnik and acted as its president for 30 years. He is now Honorary President and still a member of the Executive Board. He organized 2 World Championships (Women 2002 and Youth 2005), European Championships for men and women 1995, Eurocup 1991 and many tournaments of EuroLeague and other international competitions.

“Although Slovenia has already qualified for the European Championships, he organized the qualification event to give countries who just started the sport the opportunity to develop.”

– Anita Goltnik-Urnaut – Former Interim President of WOVD