HOMAN Vlado (SLO) – PVE – International Player and medal winner for Yugoslavia and Slovenia, national referee and work in the fields of administration and promotion



Vlado Homan started competing in sport for the disabled in 1980. Peter Ozmec attracted him to take part and they were the founders of the Sport club for disabled ISD Samorastnik for which he became Vice-president and member of the Executive Board.
In 1981 Davorin Kragelnik suggested that ISD Samorastnik establish a section in sitting volleyball. Vlado started to practice, recruited others and promoted the sport.

In the autumn of 1981, he took part in the Slovenian National Championships for the first time. From then until 2017 he was a member of the club’s successful sitting volleyball team (and captain for more than 15 years), winning more than 20 national winner titles.

He started to compete internationally in 1982 and soon became one of the pillars of the of the Yugoslavia national team and after the disintegration of the state in 1991 of the Slovenian national team. With the national team he achieved a series of excellent results at major competitions.

Event involvement:

1982 Delden – World championships – 4th place
1983 Budapest – European Championships Budapest – Bronze Medal
1984 New York – Paralympic Games – 5th place
1985 Kristiansand – European and World Championships – Silver Medal
1986 Pecz – European and World Championships – 4th place
1987 Sarajevo – European Championships – Silver Medal
1988 Paralympic Games – 4th place
1989 Slovenia – National Championships of Yugoslavian republics – Gold Medal
1990 Assen – World Championships – Bronze Medal

For Slovenia & club

1992 Ravne – Euro Cup – ISD Samorastnik – 5th place
1993 Jarvenpaa – European Championships – 6th place
1993 Rosendal – Eurocup – ISD Samorastnik – 6th place
1994 Bottrop – World Championships – 7th place
1994 Lappenranta Eurocup – ISD Samorastnik – 6th place
1995 Lubljana – European Championships – 7th place
1995 Roermond – Eurocup, ISD Samorastnik – 6th place
1996 Kristiansand – Eurocup – ISD Samorastnik – 7th place
1997 Tallin – European Championships – 9th place
1997 Hajduszoboszlu – Eurocup – ISD Samorastnik – 9th place
1998 Tehran – World Championhips – 10th place
1999 Sarajevo – European Championships
1999 Enschde – Eurocup – 9th place
2001 Sarospatak – European Championships – 8th place

Homan Vlado played internationally from 1981 to 2017 and was a national volleyball and sitting volleyball referee. For sitting volleyball, he also worked in the fields of event organisation, development, recruitment, sitting volleyball promotion and he was a role model for younger players.

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