Fundraise for the Foundation

Some of our most successful fundraising campaigns have come from the athletes, volunteers, and supporters who are passionate about our cause. 


Launch an Instagram Fundraising Campaign

For Instagram campaigns, instead of creating a “post” choose to create a “Fundraiser”, and select “World ParaVolley” as your nonprofit. Identify a goal amount, invite collaborators from your personal network, and share your fundraiser. Instagram fundraisers are added to your bio and last for 30 days. They are shared with your followers in your feed and you can edit or end at any time. Make sure you invite collaborators, people to fundraise with you, to grow your fundraiser faster. 


Add a Donate Button to your Facebook Post

Raise money for the World ParaVolley Foundation directly from your Facebook Profile. You can either share a story from World ParaVolley or create your own and add the donate button. Write your post, (on a desktop click on “add to your post”) and click on “raise money” and choose “World ParaVolley”. Facebook does not charge any processing fees and all donations go directly to the World ParaVolley Foundation.


Launch a Birthday Fundraiser

Instead of another sweater for your birthday, ask your friends and family members to donate to the World ParaVolley Foundation. Celebrate and know that you are making a difference. As your birthday rolls around, Facebook will automatically ask if you would like to create a fundraising campaign. It’s easy to set up.



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