Standing Beach Volleyball is another beach based variation of ParaVolley and is a new ParaVolley discipline which is growing all the time, especially in Asia/Oceania where teams have been competing regularly since 2007.

We are delighted to announce that in 2016 the first ever World Championship in Standing Beach Volleyball will take place. This event will be key marker in the development of this discipline and is sure to captivate the viewing public, both live and via online media.

Teams are made up of three players, working within a classification system which promotes the inclusivity of the sport – otherwise following the standard FIVB Beach Volleyball rules. For the full rules including diagrams, please see 2017-2020 World ParaVolley Beach Rules – Standing – Rules and Diagrams.

Athlete Eligibility

All athletes with physical impairments are eligible to compete in Standing Volleyball at the international level, provided they go through the Classification process (see ‘Who Can Play’). Many players are athletes who are amputees. All athletes compete in conventional volleyball in their home countries, some at very high levels.