Beach ParaVolley (Standing) is a beach-based variation of ParaVolley and is a new ParaVolley discipline which is growing all the time, especially in Asia/Oceania where teams have been competing regularly since 2007.

From 2018, World ParaVolley will focus its international beach activities on Beach ParaVolley (Standing) with the objective of working towards potential inclusion in the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games.

This is a major challenge and requires significant effort and development over the next few years to establish the proposal by late 2023.

Teams are made up of three players, working within a classification system which promotes the inclusivity of the sport – otherwise largely following the standard FIVB Beach Volleyball rules. For the full rules including diagrams, please see 2022-2024 World ParaVolley – Official Beach ParaVolley Rules and Diagrams.

While the Rules have been developed to be general in nature, over the next few years we will be trialling a few key differences aimed at enhancing the presentation of the sport and increasing its attractiveness as a Paralympic Sport.

Teams consist of 3 players without substitutes, either male teams or female teams with the net set at 2.43m for men and 2.24 for women.  Special time-out rules exist for players with prostheses.

For all events, a maximum of one “A” Classified player is permitted in the team.  Players that have an existing Standing Classification will retain their current classification, and new players will be Classified at events. Also see Athlete Eligibility below.

As part of our new focus on Beach ParaVolley, we intend to develop a program of events with each Zone promoting at least one World Series event in each year and eventually a World Championships.

World Championship Series Opens will allow teams from across the world to compete and thereby create a series of events that establish a world tour with multiple opportunities for players to travel and showcase their skills.

This marks the opening of an exciting new chapter in the development of this discipline and is sure to captivate the viewing public, both live and via online media.

Athlete Eligibility

All athletes with physical impairments are eligible to compete in Standing Volleyball at the international level, provided they go through the Classification process. Many players are athletes who are amputees. All athletes compete in conventional volleyball in their home countries, some at very high levels.

Beach ParaVolley Team and Individual Rankings

Please click HERE for the current World Rankings for beach paravolley teams and individuals.

Beach ParaVolley 2020 Calendar Update

Planning for the 2020 Beach ParaVolley World Championship Series is progressing with several potential opportunities under discussion.

We are excited about the potential to organise at least 4 events across the year.

To assist nations and team prepare for these 2020 opportunities – both as participants and hosts – we will endeavour to keep this page updated with the list of opportunities and their status as they develop.

If you would like to host a 2020 Beach ParaVolley World Championship Series event please contact

Information on the requirements to host an event can be downloaded HERE.

As of 1 November 2021

Date Location Status Information
2021 Pingtan, China postponed
2021 India postponed
2021 Florida, USA postponed
tbd Lanzarote, Spain postponed IWAS Guttmann Games
tbd The Netherlands postponed

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