Coronavirus – 2020 Sitting Volleyball World Cup

Important Message to all World ParaVolley Members 

RE: The coronavirus outbreak in China and the 2020 Sitting Volleyball World Cup

As you are aware, there is great concern about the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world now with more cases being reported every day.  It also appears that airlines are cancelling flights to and from China and some countries are providing “do not travel” advice. Obviously, this calls into question the feasibility of holding the 2020 Sitting Volleyball World Cup in China in April.

World ParaVolley will not risk the health of the athletes and officials by holding the competition in Hangzhou, China if there is any chance of infection.

In principle, World ParaVolley will follow the advice provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Chinese government.

World ParaVolley is well aware that teams may have been planning to have athletes qualify for Tokyo 2020 at the 2020 Sitting Volleyball World Cup through their participation in the competition and by having new players classified.  Thus, to not hold the World Cup may deny these athletes the possibility of meeting the eligibility criteria.  However, we cannot risk the health of our athletes and officials.

Please note the following:

  1. The Chinese government has now determined that no events can be held before at least 30 April 2020 in China
  2. To date, 7 male and 4 female teams have formally entered the World Cup with several other teams being interested
  3. Teams are encouraged to continue to enter the competition in case it proceeds in China or elsewhere but to not pay the World ParaVolley team Entry Fee
  4. For those teams that have already paid their World ParaVolley Team Entry Fee, a full refund will be given at World ParaVolley cost (banking fees) if the competition does not proceed
  5. You are strongly advised not to book and pay for any flights
  6. You are also advised not to proceed with Visa applications
  7. The due date for the Application to Participate has been extended to 15 February 2020.

The World ParaVolley Executive Committee of the Board will monitor the situation closely and is considering all options, including cancelling, postponing or shifting the event elsewhere.

Alternate host?
Please inform the World ParaVolley General Manager if you are interested to host the event in your country and the requirements can be provided to you. It is preferable that approximately the same dates would be required (to be completed before the end of April) in order to meet the Tokyo 2020 needs.

If the 2020 Sitting Volleyball World Cup does not proceed:

  • All World ParaVolley Team Entry Fees will be refunded with World ParaVolley meeting the costs of banking fees
  • It will not be possible to award World Ranking points to participants
  • World ParaVolley will investigate alternatives

On advice from the PVAO President, Mr Lu Cailiang, we will make a final decision about the World Cup as soon as possible in February and will advise members immediately.