Classification Intentional Misrepresentation Case – December 1, 2020

The independent World ParaVolley Judicial Commission has suspended a Sitting Volleyball Athlete (the Player) for one year after determining that the Player had committed Intentional Misrepresentation during Classification. The Player is now classified as Sport Class Not Eligible and will be eligible for re-classification in October 2021.

After considering evidence provided by World ParaVolley, including video evidence illustrating the Player’s performances in competition and during classification, and testimony provided by the Player and the Player’s delegation, the hearing panel concluded that the Player had misrepresented the extent to which the Player’s impairment affected the Player’s ability to play Sitting Volleyball. The one-year suspension was awarded in accordance with the World ParaVolley Classification Rules and consistent with the IPC Classification Code.

“It is important to see that athletes have an opportunity to be heard in a disciplinary process and that an Athlete was part of the Hearing Panel” said Jose Rebelo, Chair of the World ParaVolley Athlete’s Commission. “Athletes want to feel that everyone performs by the same rules. This decision shows that World ParaVolley works in giving all athletes a fair and respectful environment to compete.”

World ParaVolley takes allegations of Intentional Misrepresentation very seriously and will take the necessary steps to investigate potential cases. World ParaVolley President Barry Couzner said “The integrity of the World ParaVolley classification process is all-important, and is fundamental to the fairness of our sport.” Couzner highlighted that “our disciplinary frameworks are designed to provide justice to all members of the ParaVolley community – I am completely satisfied that due process was provided in this case by the independent Judicial Commission and I thank them for their time and efforts.”

Note: Athletes are bound by the Code to give their best effort during classification evaluation. Intentional misrepresentation occurs when an athlete deliberately conceals or misrepresents their skills and abilities or degree of their impairment to classification personnel either during or after classification.

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