Argentina sitting volleyball teams gear up for success

Argentina men’s and women’s sitting volleyball teams recently wrapped up their first camp of the year, setting the stage for a season filled with spirit and determination.

From February 1-4, players convened at separate venues, with the men utilizing the facilities of the National Centre for High Performance Sport (CeNARD), while the women trained at the National Centre for Sports Development (CeNaDe) in Ezeiza.

Mariano Montivero, the technical director of the men’s team, emphasized the significance of their preparations, particularly in the upcoming South American competition scheduled for November.

“We’re already gearing up for November’s South American event. Some teams have a 30-year head start, but we’re working hard to narrow that gap,” Montivero stated in his interview with Paradeportes, underscoring the dedication witnessed during the training sessions.


Meanwhile, Marcelo Benvidez, overssing the women’s national team stressed the importance of consistent training and increased competitive opportunities.

“We aim to hold more camps and competitions,” Benavidez remarked, revealing plans for another match in March and expressing aspirations for participation in the Copa Americana in Brazil later in the year.

Among the notable attendees at CeNARD were Alejandro Fernandez, Diego Villalba, Daniel Morales, Hugo Haffner, Diego Delgado and Javier Gandola, accompanied by Montivero and support staff including Gustavo Nadale, Ignacio Lascano, Mariel Scartascini, Juan Pablo Bonora, Lucia Lind and Fabian Caneiro.

At CeNaDa, the women’s team comprised Lorena Gonzalez, Constanza Korch, Milagros Suarez, Sara Colque, Ana Bertello, Marcel Picco, Marisa Lupardo, Rocio Sandoval and Belen Furlani, supported by Benavidez and his team consisting of Gaspar Arilla, Marcela Branzuel, Emiliano Rava and Melisa Angles.

Source: Paravoleibol Argentina  |