Anissa Tindy Lestary – Indonesia women’s captain living the dream

Twenty-eight-year-old Anissa Tindy Lestary has everything to thank for Sitting Volleyball.

The Indonesia women’s captain, who is leading her country at its first ever Asian Para Games competition, had her legs and hips crushed in a motorcycle accident when she was 22 but says Sitting Volleyball turned her life around.

“Volleyball has always been a passion,” she told World ParaVolley after leading her side to a 3-0 (25-22, 25-19, 25-13) win over Mongolia in the opening match of the Sitting Volleyball tournament at the Asian Para Games on Sunday. “In 2013, when I got caught in a motorcycle accident, I was depressed for two years. Then my former coach and my friends encouraged me to come back on the court in sitting. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. It changed my life and helped me to overcome my new status as a physically impaired person.”

Anissa Tindy, who lives in Bandung – West Java and is now a full-time Sitting Volleyball player, has been playing since 2016 and participated in her first international tournament earlier this year in China at the World Super 6 where Indonesia finished fifth behind winners China and Japan in fourth. “I was awarded the best receiver and it gives me a lot of hope for the future. Representing my country here in Jakarta is just a dream and a feeling that makes me very proud of along with my teammates.

“Playing Sitting Volleyball is not very different than playing regular volleyball. I could transfer my skills very easily. Team spirit and connecting with my friends and teammates is what I love about the sport. Now my dream is to get to the Paralympics to inspire younger generations.”

And Indonesia Sitting Volleyball is definitely heading in the right direction having already won their opening match against Mongolia in their debut appearance at the Asian Para Games.

You can follow Anissa Tindy on Instagram: anissatindylestary

Photo 1: Indonesia captain Anissa Tindy Lestary 
Photo 2: Lestary (left) celebrates with team mate Bima Tri Sanjaya

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