World ParaVolley is governed by a Board of Directors that reports to the General Assembly of Members every two (2) years.

The Board of Directors takes advice from various Commissions and Committees that manage the operational aspects of World ParaVolley.

The World ParaVolley Commissions and Committees with their reporting structure are:

Reporting to the Board of Directors:
• Executive Committee of the Board – Barry Couzner OAM (AUS)

Reporting to the President:
• Athletes’ Commission – José Rebelo (CAN)
• Safeguarding Integrity Commission – Mikiko Yasuda (JPN)
• World ParaVolley Day History Awards Committee – Denis le Breuilly (GBR)
• History Committee – Dr. Kwok Ng (GBR)

Reporting to the Medical Department:
• Anti-Doping Commission – Dr. Jun Ming Zhang (GBR)
• Athlete Health and Medical Research Commission – tba
• Classification Commission – Dr. Jurate Kesiene (LTU)
• Scientific Research Commission – Dr. Jolanta Marszalek (POL) 

Reporting to the Sport Department:
• Technical Commission – Maciej Chodzko-Zajko (GBR) Team Leader
• Referees Commission – Glynn Archibald (GBR) Team Leader, Janko Plesnik (SLO) Gen. Manager
• Beach ParaVolley Commission – Chris Seilkop (USA) Team Leader
• Sitting Volleyball Rules of the Game Committee – Toomas Murulo (EST) Team Leader
• Beach ParaVolley Rules of the Game Committee – Joep van Iersel (NED) Team Leader, Christian Battisti (ITA) Gen. Manager

Reporting to the Development Director:
• Development Commission – Helena Skogstrom (FIN) Team Leader
• Coaching Commission – Nicole Ban (CAN) Team Leader

Reporting to the Marketing Director:
• Marketing Commission – Eugenia de Paolis (ITA)

Reporting to the General Manager:
• Communications Commission – Anna Tomas (PHI)

The Judicial Commission sits apart from the World ParaVolley Board of Directors, and acts as an independent court of appeal for members.
• Judicial Commission – Richard Callicott (GBR)

The full World ParaVolley Organisational chart can be viewed HERE.

Members of the Commissions and Committees may be contacted through the General Manager: