ParaVolley is the official brand of World ParaVolley.

ParaVolley encompasses the various disciplines of the sport of volleyball for athletes with a physical disability – including Sitting Volleyball, Standing Volleyball, Standing Beach Volleyball and Sitting Beach Volleyball for all age groups and both genders.

World ParaVolley is a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and is recognised by the IPC as the sole International Federation with worldwide responsibility for developing and administering the sport of volleyball for athletes with a physical disability.

World ParaVolley’s Mission is to encourage the growth and development of ParaVolley or volleyball for athletes with a physical disability throughout the world through an organised program of education, instruction, promotion and competition, aimed at stimulating the athletes to join the international Volleyball family.

In co-operation with its more than 60 National Sport Associations, World ParaVolley will achieve this mission through the following:

  • The staging of ParaVolley World Competitions
  • Zonal Championships and sanctioned volleyball events

The establishment of high standards for the certification of coaches, referees, classifiers, technical officials and their instructors. Creating a forum for discussion, analysis and approval of the rules, providing equal opportunities for the participation of disabled women, men and youth. Stimulating and assisting national volleyball federations to govern and manage all disciplines of volleyball for the physically disabled. Overseeing the conduct of the sport at the Paralympic Games in partnership with the IPC and Paralympic Games Organising Committees.