…to the 2019 Pingtan Beach World Series Open in Pingtan, China!

The Pingtan Beach World Series Open is an Open event for men’s and women’s Beach ParaVolley teams from World ParaVolley member nations in good standing with the International Federation and will run from 9-12 May, 2019 on Pingtan Longwangtou Beach.

Best Players:

Men: Adam Wasowicz (POL1)

Women: Chen Yalin (CHN)

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Here you will find:

Match Schedule

Thursday 9 May
09:00 Opening Ceremony Longwangtou Beach
09:40 CHN v IND1 (M)
10:30 USA v POL1 (M)
11:20 SVK v IND2 (M)
12:10 GER v POL2 (M)
13:00 USA v CHN (W)
14:00 AUS v IND1 (M)
14:50 USA v SVK (M)
15:40 POL1 v IND2 (M)
16:30 CHN v POL2 (M)
17:20 GER v AUS (M)
Friday 10 May
09:00 CHN v USA (M) Longwangtou Beach
09:50 GER v IND1 (M)
10:40 USA v IND2 (M)
11:30 POL2 v AUS (M)
12:20 CHN v USA (W)
14:30 CHN v GER (M)
15:20 POL1 v SVK (M)
16:10 POL2 v IND1 (M)
Saturday 11 May
09:00 GER v USA (M) Longwangtou Beach
09:50 POL2 v IND2 (M)
10:40 IND1 v SVK (M)
11:30 AUS v POL1 (M)
13:00 GER v IND1 (M)
13:50 IND2 v AUS (M)
14:40 Exhibition: CHN v USA (W)
15:40 USA v SVK (M)
16:30 POL2 v POL1 (M)
Sunday 12 May
10:00 GER v IND2 (M) Longwangtou Beach
11:00 AUS v IND1 (M)
13:30 USA v CHN (W)
14:30 SVK v POL 2 (M)
15:30 USA v POL 1 (M)
16:30 Awarding Ceremony




Match Results

Player and Team Ranking

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