2017 World Super 6: #27 on IPC’s Top 50 of 2017!

Once again World ParaVolley has made the IPC’s annual top 50 list!

The inaugural World ParaVolley World Super 6 was selected as #27 in the IPC’s list.

The World Super 6 is a new event concept for World ParaVolley, and the first edition was held in Hangzhou, China earlier in 2017.  It is the first event that World ParaVolley has run that has offered prize money to the top teams and also to the individual award winners.

The event will continue into 2018 and beyond.  The 2018 Men’s World Super 6 will take place in April in Tabriz, I R Iran, and the women’s even will be once again in China, but this time in April/May in Wenjiang, Chengdu.

The full story on the IPC website can be read HERE.